Looking Up Customer Information In Shopify

There are so many situations where you need customer information. For example, you might want to check if a customer is frequently buying a single product and offer them a bulk discount, or maybe check on their order history to see if something was missed.


Looking Up Customer Information In Shopify

Go to Customers (quick link)

You will see all your customers’ name, location, number of orders, order numbers and total spent in your store.

If you want to filter information, click the column you want to order by. For example, click Total Spent and it it will filter from highest spent to lowest.

You can also filter by Date. Click the dots (more) button in the upper right of your monitor. Choose Date created and select a value you want. 

You can also export your customers data.  Click the dots (more) button on the top right, then click Export:

Choose what option you’ll be needing. And click Export Customers.

Shopify will email you a download link when the export is complete.

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