Learning Your Customers Behaviors With SmartLook

Designing a normal website is hard, but designing an e-commerce site is infinitely harder. Your online store not only needs to grab and hold the visitor’s attention, but you somehow have to convince them to part with their hard earned dollars! Having a great product may get a potential customer interested, but you need to make sure that the journey to the checkout is as smooth as possible, or your customer will jump ship.

You’ll never know how a visitor is going to interact with your site. The rule of thumb that most designers use is: assume the customer is drunk. Here’s a quick explanation:

So how do you know how your visitors are actually interacting with the buttons, images, and products on your site? By recording their mouse! SmartLook is an awesome free tool that tracks where your users are pointing and clicking, so you can see where things are going wrong (or going right!). It’s super easy to install on your site. Once you have it running, you can review every visitor’s behavior to find areas of concern in your design.

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