All About Shipping – Saving Money On Shipping With Shippo

If you’ve ever been up at 2 in the morning, glued to a late-night infomerical about a knife that cuts cans, you’ve definitely heard the classic line “Only $19.95, plus shipping and handling”! But in the age of free 2-day Amazon Prime, paying $9 to ship your Snuggie seems a little steep. As an online retailer, however, you’ve realized that shipping is a huge part of your business and shipping can be very very expensive if it’s done incorrectly. This post is part of a series on shipping, specifically focusing on using the shipping service Shippo to save money and make your shipping process easier.


What is Shippo?

Shippo provides an easy to use integration with Shopify that lets business owners create and manage their shipments. Better yet, the company gets bulk pricing for shipping through the major US carriers, and those savings are passed on to you.


How much does Shippo cost?

You will be charged on a per-shipment basis, which means you will only pay for what you use. Currently, the charge is 5c per shipment, but you can always see the updated cost on their website.


Getting Setup

Getting setup with Shippo and Shopify is really, really easy. You will need to create an account on Shippo before starting. The first two steps are simply setting your account:

  1. Add your shipping address under the Account tab.
  2. Enter your payment information in the Billing tab.

Now we need to add the Shippo app to Shopify. Visit the app listing here, and click Get:

Printing Labels In Shippo To Save Money On Shipping

You’ll be prompted to connect the app to Shippo:

Printing Labels In Shippo To Save Money On Shipping


Hit “Connect” to the connect the two together.


Printing a Label

When you want to print a label for an order, open the order in Shopify and click the “Apps” button on the top right:

Printing Labels In Shippo To Save Money On Shipping

Then, click Get Label On Shippo. You’ll be taken to Shippo and prompted for the delivery information:

Printing Labels In Shippo To Save Money On Shipping

Follow the rest of the prompts to print you (much cheaper) labels! Once the label is printed, the order will be marked as fulfilled and the customer will get a tracking number to follow their package.

Got any other shipping tips? Feel free to leave them below! And stay tuned for more posts on shipping in Shopify!




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